Canton  Garden  Restaurant 

Please Let Us Know!

It is estimated that 15 million Americans have a food allergy, and estimates are raising annually.

We are not able to determine whom has an food allergy, so please us know if you have food allergy, so we are able to take the appropriate actions to provide an enjoyable dining experience .

FARE, Food Allergy Research and Education, the world’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to food allergy awareness, education, research, and advocacy; provides a "chef card" that outlines the foods you must avoid is a great way to communicate your food allergies to a chef or manager at restaurants.

Food Allergies Awareness

Committed to You!

Our unwavering dedication of providing an unique atmosphere, an incomparable great taste, and friendly service also encompass those with with food allergies and/or food intolerance.

We understand the seriousness and dangers of food allergies, and we are committed to providing a safe dining experience to our guests.  

It is our mission for all our guests to feel safe dining with us, to not worry about falling ill, and knowing that we care about the well being of each and every guest.

Food Allergy Protocol

Once a guest informs our staff of a food allergy, the following procedures are taken to accommodate the guest's dietary restrictions and prevent cross-contamination.

​Notify Manager and Chef

​Servers are required to note all modifications and allergens on their orders and inform the chef of the presence of food allergies.  The chef will flag the order and separate it from the cooking line.

Speak to a Chef or Manager

​Guests may request to speak to a manager or the chef regarding their dietary needs, a manager or chef that is adequate in working with such needs will clarify which items are safe and detail the required modifications to avoid allergens to meet the needs of the guest. 

Isolated Preparation

Orders flagged with a food allergy will be prepared in specific designated area to avoid

cross-contamination with a potential allergen.

Designated Handler

From the the time the Chef flags the order with a food allergy - only one person will be handling the order from stat to finish.  By doing so, it eliminates the possibility of accidental 

cross-contamination, and ensure that the designated person is aware of exact composition.   

Chef Approval

Once the order reaches the window, and is confident that procedures were followed correctly, order will be passed to the server - the chef will inform server of modifications used to address the food allergy.  The server will inform the guest of the modifications, to ensure the guest is able to enjoy their meal without concern.

Chefs will sign take out boxes and state allergen modification for take out and delivery orders, so that guest receiving orders at home can enjoy their meals without concern.